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Here's what people are saying about their experience with Saddle Liquidators:

"Thank you, Saddle was Beautiful..My husband was like a lil kid on Christmas morning. Will be doing business with yall again"  -- Lisa Cleveland LeBlanc

"Attention people. I can personally vouch that these are quality saddles and his prices are laget. Love my saddle that got here early and not late. So come on and join the new saddle happy club." -- David Leblanc

"The 22-inch Black Australian Stock Saddle is better than expected."

"Five stars! Love it." --Shelly P. Mullikin

"The 16-inch Tan Oiled Pleasure Saddle Package was excellent quality!"

"I love the 16-inch Black Plain Western Saddle Package."

"Five stars. Haven't bought anything but love the variety of saddles and head gear." -- Shelly Cox

"Good saddle." (17" Black Oiled Pleasure Saddle Package)