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Equitation Saddles

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Making horsemanship look effortless: that's what equitation is about. Judges scrutinize the smoothness of the ride and the rider's position, control, and ease of riding. Success in equitation requires the proper equipment, including an equitation saddle, which makes maintaining the ideal, straight alignment from head to shoulder and from hip to heel a lot easier.

We offer equitation saddles to help you ride comfortably and confidently. Their deep, slanted seat help you maintain the correct posture and handle transitions more smoothly. Their centered stirrups and longer stirrup length can help you maintain the proper leg positioning each time your horse moves.

In the show ring, the horse's demeanor makes a difference as well. A well-fitting saddle can help you keep your horse more comfortable in the ring and while you practice.

Your appearance also affects your chances of winning at equitation. The craftsmen fashioning our equitation saddles begin with premium, genuine leather. Their skill evidences in straight seams, evenly stitched, and overall symmetry not often seen in saddles in this price range.

Build to last, our equitation saddles provide years of comfortable use, both for practice and in the ring.

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