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Barrel Racing Saddles

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Keeping it light and lean, our barrel racing saddles help you stay at the top of your form. Shop our selection of styles to find what suits you and your horse best.

Originating from the Old West's American cowboys saddles, barrel racing saddles are lighter than other Western style saddles, so the horse can take turns tighter and faster. The rounded saddle skirt allows better range of movement as well.

The barrel racing saddle's construction also enhances the rider's performance. The saddle's higher horn, deeper seat and stirrup placement help the rider stay mounted and synchronize with the horse.

To stay competitive, you need the kind of equipment that complements your training. Selecting a barrel racing saddle demonstrates your investment and dedication to the sport. Whether you're new to barrel racing or a seasoned barrel racer, a top-quality Saddle Liquidators barrel racing saddle can help you improve in the sport over a general purpose saddle.

Craftsmen fashion our saddles from the finest genuine leather for lasting beauty and function. Thanks to their expertise and dedication to their craft, expect years of comfortable riding from Saddle Liquidators' barrel racing saddles.

As with any equipment from Saddle Liquidators, we ship barrel racing saddles free to the Continental United States.

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